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Mihaela Grad

Vice President at Standing Partnership

Maureen has deep expertise is developing sustainability strategies for corporations that encompass GRI reporting, issues management and predictive analysis. She has a proven track record developing productive relationships with stakeholders to build trust, create acceptance or mitigate issues that have the potential to impact corporate reputation, as well as business outcomes. I had the privilege of supporting her in a consulting role for several years and have always been impressed by her professionalism, effectiveness and wealth of industry knowledge.


Allison Marder


I had the pleasure of working with Maureen when she was the Director of Growth Ventures Communications & Business Development. I was very impressed with her ability to integrate sustainability into the business strategy for this new platform. As one example, Maureen was key in establishing the Honey Bee Health Summit and aligning the messaging and marketing between this group and Monsanto. Her broad experience and ability to build relationships are clearly demonstrated in her ability to gain support for new and diverse initiatives.


Laura Chauvin


Maureen is a thoughtful, strategic, and intelligent colleague – a true collaborator in every sense. She brings together people from a variety of disciplines and allows them to better understand how their strengths can be magnified by working together. Maureen not only recognizes the good in people – she also brings it out in them.


Dave Stangis

Vice President, Corporate Responsibility and Chief Sustainability Officer at Campbell Soup Company

I have known Maureen for several years. She has a keen sense of the external dynamics facing business today. She has a strong operational background and has navigated some of the most complex environments at the intersection of sustainability and technology. Maureen knows how to balance the desire to do “good” within the arena of profit and shareowner expectations.

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