• We help clients make informed, prudent investment decisions and help them avoid making emotional decisions when uncertainty rises in the markets.
  • We “tailor-make” your financial and estate plan just for you.  We specialize in creating a plan for each client’s individual needs, wants, goals & objectives.
  • We have an open door policy for all of our clients.  Initially, we meet quite often in the beginning stages of setting up your plan.  Once the plan is implemented, we touch base according to a client’s specific wants/needs (quarterly, semi-annually or annually)…whatever makes them feel most comfortable.  We email and provide periodic economic and market commentaries and talk to clients regularly to keep clients “involved” in the process so they know what we are doing and WHY we are doing it.
  • We provide you with not only one advisor, but rather with a team of professionals who can assist you and answer questions.
  • We have available a referral network of professionals including accountants, attorneys, real estate advisors, insurance providers, bankers, etc. to assist with all aspects of a client’s financial life.  We serve as the quarterback of each client’s financial team and follow up on the details with the various professionals to make sure that all planning items are completed.  If you already have an attorney or CPA, we work hand-in-hand with them to make sure all aspects of your financial affairs are coordinated together.
  • We review your current assets to make sure that they are diversified based on your risk tolerance and long-term goals.  If we see that your assets are not diversified, we create an asset allocation model for you to diversify your assets.
  • We make sure that you are maximizing your tax savings each year (not paying unnecessary taxes due to poor or NO tax planning.)  We do this by discussing and reviewing your tax information each year and also by creating strategies throughout the year to save you taxes.
  • We assist you in creating retirement cash/flow plans so that you know how much you are currently spending each year.  We project this information into the future to see how likely your assets & income might be expected to last throughout your lifetime.
  • We create a comprehensive estate plan which ensures that your assets will be distributed to whom you want, the way you want if you become an “angel too soon,” and we can help you create a plan to begin “spending down” your estate by gifting your assets to your children, grandchildren or favorite charity . . . if you feel that you have more than “enough”.
  • We assist clients with adjusting to major life changes (job change, empty nest, retirement, disability, divorce, death of a spouse or other family member, etc.).
  • We work on a fee-only basis (no commissions) so that our client’s best interest is always first.  Unlike many other “retail” investment firms, we are NOT creating transactions for commissions!
  • We want you to succeed.  We have a real stake in it.  Our fees are set up based on the total value of your account assets.  If the investments that we recommend don’t perform as we expect, and your account value decreases…our fee decreases also!
  • We create a Retirement Plan (roadmap) which tells you…where you are currently…where you want to be…and what needs to happen to get there.

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